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  1. Anonymous says:

    She’s such a big girl! She looks beautiful. I love little kids’ Christmas shows-it’s like the embodiment of the Christmas spirit!

    Delaney always tells me-Mama, I like boys. Where did she get that from??? I think that Dave and I are going to be in trouble in about 10 years! Emily

  2. Isn’t it amazing how quickly they grow? It seems like in the last 6 months she’s constantly changing and getting so big. It’s a lot of fun to spend time with her and chat with her. She has the funniest things to say.

    Looking at the pictures of your kiddos, they’re not so little anymore. Elliot is SO big and really a mini Dave. And Laney isn’t a baby anymore .. umm, when did that happen?

    Shelby says she’s doesn’t like boys, but she seriously is all googly over Zack. She adores him. It’s cute, but makes me think the same thing … 10 years and we’ll be in trouble!

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