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  1. Kendra says:

    Hey Kim- So really I am not one to give advice- but since you asked…. we LOVE Pampers Swaddlers and then the Cruisers… it’s what we have used for all 4 kiddos (3 boys/1 girl)- although we still get the occasional pee leaks when they are so little.

    As far as it ending up in the bed- that’s a major pain- so….. what we do (and still do since my babies sleep with me) is put down a crib pad and then a nice soft blanket on top of that and then sleep on that- then when it happens I just have to pull that off and put down a new pad and blanket and my husband doesn’t even have to wake up. (and yes- we have quite a few crip pads and fleece blankets). If he sleeps in his crib- you can also put down the pad, a sheet, another pad, another sheet- even a 3rd if you need it… and then if he leaks- it’s pretty easy to just rip off the top set and the bed is already made.

    ok- so I hope that helps- but if you hear of any other great ideas- pass them back to me…. but thats all I got.

    Love ya. And Cooper sure is a cutie.


  2. we used swaddlers too and loved them.

    but… jake didn’t really have a problem with spraying.

    i would open the diaper, then cover him up again, wait a few seconds, and then continue with the change… just in case the fresh air caused more pee. maybe that’s what did the trick. i don’t know.

    best of luck to you! there’s not much worse then having to change everything all the time, especially when all the baby wants to do is sleep….


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