Looking back …

I’m working on a scrapbooking page that compares a photo from “then” and one from “now.” I used the photo above, along with one of Shelby from the first day of first grade. I think my heart might just burst when I think about how big she’s gotten. How much she’s changed. And all the wonderful things we’ve experienced over the last 6 years. She’s such a joy and I will be eternally grateful I was chosen to be her mama.

Edit: Here is the layout I created with the photo above. I’m taking an online Digi class from Jessica Sprague and I decided to start with the basic class, even though I’m well beyond basic. I thought since I’m self taught, it might be nice to start from scratch and see if there are some things I missed. I’m breezing through the class and loving it. Can’t wait to take the next level!

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