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  1. Shanda says:

    Talk about teary eyed. Even reading about births do me in. I remeber the day he was born. Waiting for the news. What a way to enter the world. 🙂 Happy Birthday little man.

  2. humel says:

    Aww, bless him! What a cutie! Happy birthday to him 🙂 (Oh my, I’m so glad my MIL wasn’t present at either of my two’s births!!)

    PS I’d love to have you in my alphabet blog hop, thanks for expressing an interest 🙂 Please could you email me: ispeakmelsh {at} hotmail {dot} com and I’ll let you have some more info? Thank you! x

  3. Great story! My sister is having a baby in May!!!! Happy Birthday to Coop. xoxo

  4. Ruth says:

    Great story. My FIL kept telling me that he’d present for the delivery of his grandchild. I told him in no uncertain terms to think otherwise! My son is now four.

  5. Beverly says:

    Happy Birthday Coop! Totally related to your story, my water broke so they had to induce labor and eventually 24 hrs later do a C-section all during the ACC tournament. DH is a Duke fan and my OB was a Carolina fan, Let’s just say I was not thrilled when the TV garnered more of their attention than I did.

  6. doesn’t seem like its been two years… or even a year since he was in the hospital. what a beautiful happy, healthy little boy you have! i remember you posting fb updates throughout your labor, loved it! congrats on getting that boy to two… Happy Birthday Cooper! <3

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