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I just finished reading this book. I discovered Jonathan Tropper last summer on a train from Arhus (Denmark) to Copenhagen. Mike was reading another one of his books, I stole it from him and now I’m a huge fan.

I’ve started reading this book and this one too.

I am battling a head cold and sore throat. Being sick sucks. Being sick when you’re traveling really, really sucks.

I am thinking about doing Ali’s Week in the Life project. When I saw the dates Ali picked, I realized I’d be traveling for business that week. At first, I didn’t want to document that part of my life; I wanted a week where I was home with my family. But really … traveling for work is part of my life. I need to accept that, embrace it and record it. So, I’m leaning toward doing the project and then possibly extending it to the following week as well … since we’ll be going to Idaho for a much needed and much anticipated family vacation (with lots of cousins, lots of relaxing and lots of little giggles as they run through Papa’s sprinklers.)

I am looking forward to a day in Paris … me smiling broadly with the Eiffel Tower in the background. I am headed to Denmark next month for a few days of meetings and have a really long layover in Paris. Long enough that me and two of my coworkers will leave the airport and do a little exploring.

On Wednesday night I was stuck in the Greenville, SC airport … so I created this layout as I waited to find out my flights would be canceled. The layout and journaling were inspired by my time at the coast and what I learned at the fabulous retreat I mentioned before. The photo is a self portrait taken on Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Credits: Everything used to create this page came from PxlCafe

That night, my flights were canceled. I did have to stay in Greenville an extra night. I did have to call seven different hotels before I found one with a room available. The power went out at the airport, so the rental car agencies couldn’t rent cars.

All of this was no fun. I did however realize how lucky I am. At least I was traveling alone and my children weren’t subjected tot he madness. At least I have the luxury of whipping out a corporate credit card for meals and rooms. And since I wasn’t headed home, I wasn’t all that upset about my canceled flight.

I am learning to roll with things more. To take deep breaths and relax.

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3 Responses to Right now

  1. helena says:

    I’d really encourage you to do week in life while away on work trip – I was in that position last year and went ahead with week in life. I really like teh resulting project becasue it records a part of my life that I don’t often record and all the details are fun to compare with the details at home.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Helena … thanks so much for your comment and insight. Ithink I’m gonna do it, since like you I rarely record that aspect of my life. But that aspect of my life is such a huge part of me .. .I’ll want to remember what my “work” days are like when I’m no longer in this phase of my life.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love what you had to say. I definitely am learning how to roll with things a little more, too. And I agree that it is important to document all areas of your life, so may indeed be a good thing that you are working that week! Happy travels and take care!

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