{Happiness Blog Hop} If I was …

was paying attention, then I would have remember I was supposed to be participating in a blog hop today.

But I wasn’t.

If I was paying attention, then I would have remembered to leave my daughter a special note before I left town on a business trip. She loves it when I leave notes.

But I wasn’t.

If I was paying attention, then I would have realized my kids don’t have winter coats that fit and the weather is suddenly quite cold (even here in AZ).

But I wasn’t.

However, there are days when I pay attention. And when I do, I capture, document and save the most wonderful moments.


The journaling reads:

Tonight Shelby said to me: “If I don’t live in Paris, then I’m going to live on Broadway. And I’m going to dance to earn money. If dancing doesn’t work out, I’m gonna be a mime”

I’m a journalist by training. I spend most of my days in a newsroom. I get paid to pay attention. As soon as I stop paying attention, then I’m no longer valuable to my trade.

On a much broader level this is also the case. If I stop paying attention, if I don’t record the details, then as a memory keeper and storyteller, I’m not doing my job. But, I really want to do my job. I want to tell my stories. I want to remember all the little things that make up my life. I actually made a promise to myself that just for November, I would try harder to slow down and pay attention. I figure if I commit to pay attention for just a month, maybe a habit will take hold and I’ll be more attentive all the time. How about you? Wanna slow down with me?

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2 Responses to {Happiness Blog Hop} If I was …

  1. Thanks for participating! I had to laugh! I think we all have moments and times where we could have paid more attention. We all have those times where we just miss something even though we normally pay attention. 🙂

  2. Love this! I had to admit I only wrote my post on the day of the hop too!

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