All You Need is Love

… and some Peppermint Joe-Joe’s from Trader Joe’s

Today’s I was searching for symbols of love, things that represented love and things I love.
There are countless things I love. There are people, such as my kids, husband and extended family. There are  places I love, like my home, Paris and Southern California and Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. Right now, I really love jeggings, a pair of brown tall boots and a green scarf, which I wear all the the time.
But one of the things I love most about the Christmas season is the return of Peppermint Joe-Joe’s at Trader Joe’s. Seriously, I’m obsessed with them. I’ve made Shelby obsessed with them … even she started asking for them around Thanksgiving time. Even Cooper knows what they are and loves them. They are heavenly. I love to dunk them in milk, yum! When Christmas is over, I buy a whole bunch of boxes before they sell out and my stash usually lasts me until about Valentine’s Day.

I love to indulge. I’ve never met a bowl of ice cream I didn’t love. But earlier this year I made a lot of changes. I started running and eating right … and as a result have lost 20 pounds. I’ve been turning down a ton of goodies for months now and then the Joe-Joe’s returned and all bets are off. I love them. They make me happy. And they make me feel like Christmas is here. So, this year I’ll have my Joe-Joes (in moderation) and then just run a little more. It’s all about balance right?

Is it silly to love a cookie so much?

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