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7 Responses

  1. over here cheering you on and really wanting you to hear me say: i am so proud of you.

    sending light and love as we walk into 2012.


  2. Chrissy says:

    excellent. channel your inner yoda and rock on. Love you.
    PS. My word is CHANGE. Cheers to 2012

  3. Janet Carr says:

    OH WOW Kimberly!! What a story!! LOVE your raw truth!!! I’ve been wanting to go to Liz’s seminar… it sounds WONDERFUL!!!! GREAT word and LOVE your subway art!! Thanks for sharing your story and talent!!! Looking forward to cheering you on in 2012 and so glad that we are on the same CT!!!!!

  4. Avital says:

    Happy New Year and good luck! Welcome, 2012 – the year in which you will do as you please and do it well and never stop doing!

  5. amazing design, love it! may we all have the joy of success with our own OLW’s!

  6. I love your story!! I didn’t really get into my word this year and now I’m wishing I had, because ironically my word was Focus and I totally didn’t. But I’ve been thinking about my word for 2012 and have gone back and forth, but today I said it out loud to my husband, and my word was DO! Your post cemented it for me and I’m gonna go for it. I think that with DO I can also use FOCUS as a sub-word. We will DO this together!!

  7. Miranda says:

    WOW Kimberly, I love the honesty in your story and so wish I could do what you have done and start being more healthy and sporty. Good for you.

    Thanks for sharing that wonderful poster, have downloaded it and am gonna print it for sure.

    Hope to get to know you even better over the year 2012!!!

    Have a good year and I love your OLW DO!!!!

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