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For Christmas my in laws bought me a seat in a photography class. There is a photographer (Leigh Preuss) here in Southern Arizona who regularly teaches beginning DSLR classes. I have had my DSLR for almost two years and I really didn’t know anything about it. I tried to read the manual and it seemed like a foreign language. I’ve actually stopped using my camera lately, because I could easily use my phone, which is super easy to use.
The class explored the basics: what is shutter speed, aperture, ISO … etc. And then why all these things matter. The best part of the class was the explanation (and cheat sheet) that explained what setting where appropriate based on your circumstances — inside no flash, outside and super sunny, outside and overcast, fast moving subject, portraits, etc. 

When I got home from the class, I was itching to practice. I took pictures of the kids, dinner, Mike … anything and everything. Since Cooper moves so much, he was a harder subject. Shelby however was a very willing model. Can you see the freckles on her nose? They’re my favorite.
My girly. Love this pretty face.
Here’s a photo of  Shelby practicing piano.Check out how her hands are in focus and everything else is fuzzy. I meant to do that. I have always wanted to get photos like this, where I have a focal point that’s crisp and perfect, while the rest of the photo just fades away.
I had a lot of trouble getting a photo of Cooper. He won’t sit still for me, so there was a lot of blur. I changed my shutter speed, but because we were inside the light just wasn’t right. I did manage to get this one, which is in focus and has the nice, fuzzy background. 

I can’t wait to practice some more. I am so glad I got to take an in-person class. It was great to have someone look at my photos; give me guidance; and show my how to adjust the settings on my camera rather than just telling me. I think if I take an online class now, I’ll get a lot more out of it.
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  1. Tammy says:

    Great photos! I still shoot mostly in auto modes but my photos improved a great deal when I learned ISO and F/stops, etc… But my brain just can’t think fast enough to switch modes when my nephews are in action. The shot is gone by the time I get the settings how I want them. But I do try to use the priority modes if I’m wanting a blurry background. Learning photography is always a good use of time! 🙂

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