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photo(1)Happy Wednesday. I had the best intention of blogging this weekend as I made my way from Arizona to Denmark. And then flight delays turned at 20 hour trip into nearly 30 hours and I was too tired to do anything. Then I told myself I’d blog as soon as I took a nap and settled into my hotel. But that didn’t happen either.

I’ve been coming to Denmark on a fairly regular basis for almost six years now (I work for a Danish company). It’s a place I’m quite familiar with, so normally I can easily slip into my Danish routine with little trouble. I usually adjust to the time difference right away and just hit the ground running. This trip has been different. It’s been a lot harder for me to get adjusted. Maybe it’s age? Or maybe I’m just tired from traveling nearly nonstop for the last two years? Either way, it’s been quite rough for me. Today is the first day I’ve felt like myself, which is a huge relief. 

photo(2)What this all means is I won’t be blogging much this week (you might have noticed that already). I might get around to making a printable or a template to share. Or I might not. It depends on how I feel. What I will be doing is getting some hazelnut ice cream tonight and shopping at my favorite store. I will be buying some sweet treats to share with Shelby’s class (she requested I buy some specific European cadies for her to share with her classmates). I might even get some more Biksemad (photo left), a traditional Danish dish that is my favorite thing to eat.

Next week, I’ll resume my regular blog schedule (printables, new layouts, free template, etc). I’m even planning on sharing what I’ve been up to with Project Life (hint: not much). Until then, I’ll be enjoying all my favorite Danish things. 

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  1. When I see your Instagram feed, I always wonder what your day job is as you travel so dang much. Which I think is awesome as I work from home, but I’m sure gets tedious sometimes for you. Soooooo, what do you do for the Danish company you work for?

  2. I work for a company called CCI Europe. We make software for newspapers and other media outlets. It’s content management and design software. I travel to newspapers around the world, train their staff and then help support them as the transition from their old systems to our system.

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