Free Template: Scattered Elements

EDITED: Link to the download has been fix. It’s now a layered, PSD file. So sorry about that!

Hello there. I can’t believe it’s Friday and almost the end of October. This month flew by … heck, this year has flown by. I “meant’ to post this week’s template on Tuesday, ya know, for “Free Template Tuesday.’” But the template wasn’t ready. and then I got busy. And now it’s Friday, so I figure I should get it up before the week is totally over!

We have a full weekend ahead. Oktoberfest at Shelby’s school. Chili cook off down town. Girl Scout stuff. Shopping. And family dinner. I love this time of year and I’m so grateful I’m home (indefinitely) to partake of all the goodness.

In all the chaos of my life, I’ve actually been finding time and enjoying scrapbooking more. I’m trying to take a no stress approach. If I get pages done, then great. Otherwise, oh well. I’ve been contemplating cutting back on some of my creative team work and just thinking about making such a change has made me feel less stressed. I love my creative team work, but sometimes there’s just too much to do. I’m going to spend some time over the next few weeks evaluating what I’m doing, what I love and what I feel like I can let go of … all in the name of sanity and authenticity.

Anyway .. here’s this week’s template:

Download this fully-layered, Photoshop template here.

And this is the layout that inspired it:


Journaling reads:

As Shelby and Cooper get older, I realize how blessed I am. They are incredibly great travelers. They roll with changes much better than I do. They are easily entertained. They are inherently happy. They are friendly and polite. On this flight (as on every other flight we’ve ever taken), fellow passengers and the flight attendants compliment me on my highly well-behaved children. Makes me feel like a successful mama.

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  1. Demetria says:

    this is wonderful but the file is only a .jpg image not the layered file

  2. Sorry about that … I’ve fixed the link and it’s now a layered file. Clearly, I’m more tired than I thought I was!

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