Project Life: Making it work

There are some weeks where I feel super creative and go nuts with my Project Life pages. And there are other weeks where I just want to get it done. I make it work. I slap the photos and memories onto the templates and call it good. This was one of those weeks.

These pages are for my week 46, Oct. 14-20. It was a really great week … I went to Atlanta for business and then came home and took the kids to Flagstaff. I’m actually a little sad I ‘m not feeling creative this week, since I really love the stories and photos from this week. Oh well. I guess I could make some traditional scrapbook pages (later) to supplement these pages.

Again … I’m just trying to make it work and this is what worked for me. I used a kit called Birds of a Feather from Design By Dani. I was drawn to the warm, fall-like color scheme.




How’s project life going for you? Are you keeping up? Are you still loving it (I am, for sure). This week I linked up with The Mom Creative, a site filled with great Project Life inspiration.

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4 Responses to Project Life: Making it work

  1. Janelle Miller says:

    It looks really great! Just like it always does. Well done!

  2. suetrav says:

    Your pages look awesome (like usual). Still bright and colourful and the story is there so that is what matters. They still look creative to me and if you hadn’t commented that you were not feeling creative I never would have known 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    I really like this week…although I am decidedly biased!

  4. Kim A says:

    I was on a roll last weekend, but after picture heavy Thanksgiving week, I am now remembering why I quit before. It is just so hard to find pictures to take? I don’t have kids and it makes me kind of sad when my spreads are all of things. Ugh, it’s a challenge, and I’m always impressed when people with similar situations keep up with their albums.

    Anyways, your pages look great, love how you turned the grid template on its side…somehow I hadn’t thought of that yet, ha! I tell ya, I’m not the most creative person!! 🙂

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