{Free} Template: January 2013 al la Facebook

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  1. Hello World Traveler! Last night Gordon and I watched a show on PBS and they were featuring Denmark and Arhus was one of the cities highlighted. Wow, just beautiful. But, it IS always nice to be back home. Safe travels.

  2. Lori Martin says:

    THANKS so much! I have to tell you, you have inspired me to do PL for 2013. I just started Jessica Sprague’s online class because I will be doing PL digital and had NO clue how to use PSE. I got a free copy when I bought a wide format printer (after LOAD212). So, I’m finished with 4 of the lessons in the class and understand PSE a little now, so today I’ve been downloading your awesome templates! I even created a “Kalil” folder in my PSE Downloads directory. (…I swear I’m not a stalker, just very excited…). One question for you…is there a way to use your free printable journal cards in PSE as a PL journal card?

    Thanks for all you do, given your hectic schedule. I know as a blogger the best reward is to hear that you’ve inspired someone else, so I just wanted to let you know that I am inspired by your blog!


    Bloggin The Crafts

  3. Thanks so much for the template, really appreciate it! Lori if you will check on her blog post for January 8 she explained how to do that. I know because i asked her the very same question and she was so gracious to help.

  4. Laurie says:

    Thank you very much for the awesome template!!

  5. Lori Martin says:

    Thanks, Rhadonda! I got it and now I’m a downloading fool! I am loving Digital PL.

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