Project Life: Shaking up my workflow

So I’ve been doing Project Life for 61 weeks now. Wow. Typing that makes it seem like a really, really long time. I started out hybrid. I couldn’t keep up, since I’m almost 100% digital. I switched to doing a digital version and I found my groove. But … I’m still a little slow when it comes to putting my pages together. Painfully slow if you ask me. I pour over every photo choice. Then every paper, journaling card or embellishment choice. It takes me FOREVER!

In December, I set a timer while I worked. I gave myself an hour to do a page. I never finished in an hour, but having the timer set made me more aware of how much time I was spending. I did shave some time off my process, but not enough.

This week, I tried something new. On Tuesday (I normally put my pages together on Sundays, but with the Super Bowl and such … I didn’t get to them until Tuesday), I sat down and opened the two templates I was going to use this week. Then, I opened up my photo folder and looked through every photo I took for the week. Then I picked and opened all the photos (stories) I wanted to tell. One by one,  I dropped them into a spot on one of the two templates. I didn’t do any embellishing, instead I just figured out what stories I wanted to document. As soon as the templates were full, I closed any extra photos I still had open but couldn’t fit (they can be used in an insert or on a full, 12×12 scrapbook page later).

Next up, I picked two kits to work with: the Seafoam Core kit and Mari Koegelenberg’s Today 2.0 kit. I also decided on which fonts I would use (Another Typewriter, Hero and Homestead), so my pages would be consistent and I wouldn’t waste time picking fonts for every text block.

Finally, I got to work making the pages look pretty. Now, I’ll be honest. It took me a good three hours to get both pages done. But, I also had other things to do at the time and I was multitasking. I think if I keep this workflow going, I can get everything done in two hours, which is a vast improvement over my currently average time spent (I’m too embarrassed to say exactly how long it takes me each week, but it’s more than three hours).

This is what I discovered: limiting my choices is a good thing. Less to obsess over. It’s also helpful to quickly narrow down the photos and stories I’m going to include from the very start. It gives me a better idea of what embellishments to use and how to assemble to overall look of the 2-page spread.

Here are my pages for Week 5 (January 27th to February 2nd):



And I did an insert (I shared this one earlier in the week), which features some of my self care goals for 2013:



Are you doing Project Life in 2013? What do you love most about it? This week I linked up with The Mom Creative, a site filled with great Project Life inspiration.

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4 Responses to Project Life: Shaking up my workflow

  1. SueTR says:

    I’m with you on the agonizing front, and I am doing mine hybrid/paper. I find that I actually do a little better when I have more than one week to do, since I seem to “batch” everything else in my life. I love the project and I’m hoping to get “caught” up this weekend while it snows outside! I love your goals for self care idea…think I may have to borrow it!! Hugs!! Sue

  2. Donna Gibson says:

    Excellent summary of your workflow, and it sounds a lot like mine. Hmmm. Maybe that’s why it takes me more than three hours to do a page, too. =)

  3. Lorraine says:

    I would have to say ditto. Bought kit last year but didn’t end up using it due to switching continents! However, I went full digi this year and I am loving it. I sit and do mine on Sunday afternoon and don’t get up till its done. I am getting faster though. I pretty much follow the same pattern as you and it works

  4. I’m going to have to totally borrow your font-limiting idea. 🙂 I get way too confused about which I’ve used and what to use… it will be nice to just pick some and go with it for the rest of the year. Sounds like you have a good system down. I just got the digi version of Olive, so I may have to try to stick with that too, and stick in other things along the way because I’ve become a PL Journal Card hoarder. :\

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