{Around Here} My budding reader

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  1. libbywilko says:

    How exciting for Shelby and you too. its such a wonderful thing to see that change isn’t it! similarly we have a reader now too and often have to stop him and explain there are some times when we do have to put that book down. Hope she continues to find a lifelong love of reading.

  2. KellyRae says:

    How fabulous that Shelby got a teacher like that! I come from a family of readers and have had the joy of helping a young one through a reading block. I laugh at my grown son who daily struggles with HIS daughter and how he has to fight to get her to put DOWN a book. When he was a boy he’d get so made at me when I’d find all his stashes … hello? I was the kid who’d read in the shower lol. There was no place I didn’t know to stash a book. And I learned to read very fast because a beloved aunt would gift me with 4 to 5 books at once for birthday, Christmas, and Easter – and I’d try to read them all the same day, taking them to bed with me with a flashlight. I HAD to read quickly because the flashlight would be taken away (my mom knew THAT trick from when SHE was young). Oh, the joy of a child loving to read. It makes me happy for you and Shelby.

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