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Hello all! Happy Tuesday. I’m super excited, I have something special today … a chance to win a seat in Tracey Clark’s upcoming class at Big Picture Classes: Picture Everyday. I’m a huge fan of Big Picture classes. I’ve taken more than I can count and alway love the content and community that comes with their classes. Most of all, the classes I’ve taken have inspired me and pushed me to be more creative. I’m totally excited about Tracey’s class. I desperately want improve my photography and I think this is exactly the “kick in the pants” I need. 

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So what’s this class all about you ask? Your life is full of beauty, authenticity, and moments of magic just waiting to be captured in pictures. All it takes is the right perspective. In Picture Everyday, a new workshop from photographer Tracey Clark, you’ll learn to see your world in a sublime new light—and to use your camera to tell the story of what you see. Through 30 surprisingly powerful photo prompts, dozens of inspiring images and videos, and eight weeks of gentle encouragement, Tracey will help you elevate your everyday—and fill your soul with gratitude along the way. You’ll be focusing your lens on topics like Routine, Spaces, Places, Details, Connections, and Affections.

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To be entered to win, leave a comment answering the question: What’s your favorite thing in your everyday life to photograph? For extra entries, you can tweet about the giveaway; follow Big Picture Classes on Facebook or Twitter; or follow me on Twitter. The giveaway will be open until Sunday, Sept. 8th. 


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14 Responses to {Giveaway} Tracey Clark’s Picture Everyday

  1. Alice Boll says:

    My favourite thing in my everyday life to scrapbook is ME! I scrapbook my kids a lot, but I love to sneak my perspective and reminisce about my own childhood on their pages. It’s a great non-scary way to get yourself into your scrapbooks too!

  2. Lain Ehmann says:

    Shoes. Sounds crazy, but I love getting pics of our family’s shoes. More than anything they seem to trace our various activities and our growth! Football cleats, ice skates, hip-hop shoes… new tap shoes for me. I love our shoes!

  3. Alison Day says:

    I don’t think I take too many ‘every day’ photos but of the ones I’ve taken my favs have got to be of the messes. I know that sounds strange but I think when I look back years from now and see those photos of a post-creative tornado (craftnado anyone?) that my kids have left, or the rubber pellets from the turf field all over my hallway floor after soccer practice, they’ll be the ones that make me smile the most. Hopefully because it no longer happens! LOL!

  4. helen r says:

    My favourite thing to photograph is my garden. I never get tired of looking at pictures of the flowers.

  5. Debra says:

    My favorite everyday thing to scrapbook is my kids. They are my life right now and I am all too aware how short that time is, so I take advantage of the memories we make everyday.

  6. I love to capture my kids everyday goofiness! I don’t always capture the moments I want..but I do get some. Man, my kids are goofy….said in a loving Mom voice! 🙂
    Thanks for the chance!

  7. Leanne Tough says:

    I love photographing my partner in all his silly poses and also things that catch my eye, that I can imagine as part of a gorgeous scrapbook or art journal page.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I love everything about everyday photography, so its hard to pick just one thing…but today I will say recording the little things like a favorite toy/book/phase my boys go through helps me to remember just who they were now at that particular moment in time! They grow up so fast it is a gift to capture those everyday moments!!

  9. Carey says:

    I love photographing my son playing and capturing his imagination at work.

  10. Vickie says:

    My family. My daughters are growing up quickly, it’s lovely to see all aspects of our “normal” daily life.

  11. triggsey says:

    I love catching the girls in a quiet moment, when they are intent on doing something and don’t realize I”m hanging around…lately Lily has been dodging the camera so it’s awesome when I can get shots of her… I also like to take garden photos and vignettes around the house…everything changes so quickly it’s nice to be able to capture those little moments before they’re gone!

  12. My favorite thing to photograph is my family. I have 5 and 8-year-old, and they seem to be changing before my eyes. I want to remember the details and scrapbook them before I forget! 🙂

  13. ruth says:

    My favorite thing to photograph is always people. My children are grown, but the thing that prompts me to grab a camera most often is still friends and family.

  14. Connie Hanks says:

    I love photographing the little details of my daughters lives – their fashion (of course shoes, Lain!), their hands – especially when holding each others, their favorites – toys to expressions, details, details, details! Thanks for the chance to win a spot in Tracey’s class – LOVE her!

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