{New Layout} Mr. Personality

Happy, happy Monday. Another busy week ahead: I’m traveling for work this week; Cooper is the “star of the week” in his preschool class; Shelby is getting ready for (Girl Scout) cookie season to kick off on Saturday; and my sister and her family are headed to visit at the end of the week. So much going on.

Before the week gets too crazy, I wanted to share a new layout. This is one I created for the Daily Digi using the Re Kneipp’s Personality kit from the January 2014 Digi Files. As soon as I saw the kit, I knew I wanted to use it for some silly pictures of Cooper. It’s so nice to slow down a bit and look at these photos of a boy I cherish. Even as life gets busy and feels like it’s all about getting stuff done, it’s not. It’s about laughing, smiling and cherishing those you love.

Kimberly Kalil Designs: Mr. Personality


Oh my dear Cooper boy. You are such a character. You make me laugh all the time. You are full of love and laughter. You’ve never met a stranger. Everyone you see gets hugs + conversation. It’s quite sweet and endearing Right now you are crazy obsessed with the game Mindcraft. Along with your tattered green blanket, you carry around a stuffed creeper doll — a character from the game. You have an excellent memory, which can be bad for me if I say yes without thinking. You love your sister, but you drive her nuts … on purpose. You love Pre-K at Satori and are taking both yoga and gymnastics. You’re a whiz at Spanish and are constantly asking me how to say new words in Espanol. You look forward to hanging out with your friends, but Mama is still your favorite gal. You and Daddy love to wrestle. (November 2013)


What are you working on at the moment? Any new layouts or crafty projects? Share a link in the comments, I’d love to take a peek.

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6 Responses to {New Layout} Mr. Personality

  1. Jen says:

    I love the journaling with the pictures. Kudos on the Spanish!

  2. geezee says:

    What a great page. A great moment captured of a kids youth. Well done! I love it. Gonna pin this one for inspiration.

  3. I feel you on the busy week! Love the “artiness” of your page 🙂

  4. Mary Moseley says:

    Love this layout. The background paper is really cool. I just listened to Re Kneipp’s interview on The Daily Digi Digest when I was working out this morning. He sounds like an interesting dude. Designing since he was 12 – holy cow that’s awesome!

  5. I too love the artsy look. Another memory captured!

    🙂 Melissa
    PS I have the digi files for this month so I should scrap with this kit too!! 🙂

  6. Connie Hanks says:

    Absolutely love the artsiness of your layout, and even more love for the detailed journaling. That type of documenting is worth gold – your kiddos will undoubtedly adore those pages in the future!

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