{Project Life} Mad dash to catch up

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3 Responses

  1. These turned out great. I got WAY behind, as well, and spent the holidays playing catch up. I actually wrote about that process and what I plan to do in 2014 today. I think I’ve come up with criteria that will work better with my life and will also take away some of the weekly pressure.

    Good luck with your October and November spreads!!

  2. Terri Torrez says:

    I have 28 unfinished weeks for 2013 (not consecutive). I do plan to finish them; they’re all captured. But I don’t plan to tackle that right away. I decided not to continue in 2014; after 2 years I was ready for something different. Mostly though I’m just happy that with each passing week I’m no longer getting further behind. Huge weight off my shoulders. Looking forward to more traditional layouts and creative play this year.

  3. SueTR says:

    LOL I’m further behinnnnnd!!!!! but catching up…all photos are printed and stacked in their weeks! Good luck finishing!!

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