{Crafting} Upcycled frame + Amy Tangerine’s Plus One

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6 Responses

  1. Heather D says:

    Love those colors! And that project looks like fun. I may have just the right frame to do that with. Now where did I stash it…

  2. JenFW says:

    Great colors, indeed! And those little clothespins are both handy and adorable. I like the wire-on-frame idea for holding pics and decorative bits and bobs. Cool!

  3. geezee says:

    Nicely done! That collection is fun to work with.

  4. Oh wow – this is so cool! I love it!

  5. What a cute way to display photos and pieces of this and that! I need to share this! Thanks 🙂

  6. SueTR says:

    That is super cute!! Great job Kimberly and Shelby… very very cool.

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