Why I’m Distancing Myself from Facebook

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I posted this image on Instagram earlier this week with the following caption:

“I’m doubling down on distancing myself from Facebook. I blocked the website on my phone and added “No Facebook” reminders on my laptop + desk. #nonegativity #onlygoodvibes

Back in November, I deleted the Facebook app from my phone and any favorites I had saved on my laptop. Over the course of the last year, Facebook has started feeling really icky to me. I used to love seeing photos of my family and friends, but there’s just way too much negativity and shit on there. Yes, said shit … there is a lot of shit on Facebook and I don’t want to fill my day with shit. Instead of filling me with happiness and goodness, it became a time suck and inevitably sent my blood pressure over the edge.

To make matters worse, hateful and erroneous things are being posted in the name of news. It’s not real news. It’s fake crap. I’ve worked in the news business for almost 20 years, I am appalled by some of the things passed off as legitimate news. My smart and thoughtful colleagues work hard to tell the truth. I don’t like the vibe on Facebook and I don’t want to support the negativity and dishonesty. l don’t need FB to change my world or help my country. I’m about action and inclusiveness. Does that make sense? I can rally and do good, without letting the

Mostly, I don’t want to sour relationships with people I really love. My views and political leanings are my own and are VERY different than those of my family. It’s okay. I believe what I want to believe and I rally around causes that matter to me. And because we are family and love each other … then we can stand together in love. There is no need for me to push their buttons via Facebook or for them to do the same (I push their buttons enough without the help of Facebook!).

I get to decide what I want in my life and I have decided Facebook isn’t it. This doesn’t mean I won’t ever go on Facebook … I have groups there like Girl Scouts or my bookish friends that meet via private groups. But I’m not going to mindlessly scroll. I’m going to limit the time I spend there. And I’m going to make it as inconvenient as possible to get there!

Here’s to intentionally seeking less ick and more love …


Note: My website automatically posts a link to new blog posts to my Kimberly Kalil Facebook page. You’ll see these sort of things pop in from time to time. I’ll remind you that I’m not deleting my account and I’ll occasionally pop in to interact with groups.



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