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Cacti Art Totes and Painitngs | Kimberly Kalil Designs

Guess what? I’m doing a little happy dance … I’m going to be the featured artist at the May Saguaro Market! I’ll be showing off my desert/cacti art totes, pillows, and original paintings. You can read all about it here.

Did I mention I’m excited? The last few months I’ve spent a lot (most of) my free time creating art and figuring out my style. In the process, I started creating watercolor and India ink paintings of cacti with machine stitching to add some depth and texture. If you asked me a year ago if I’d be painting watercolor cacti every, single day I would have told you you’re nuts. But here I am. Until I was doing something consistently — creating art every, single day — I really didn’t know what my “thing” was. But this consistent practice of creating has been absolutely crucial to finding my way.

And guess what else? I love it. I look forward to creating something new. I enjoy the challenge of using a medium — watercolor — I know nothing about. I love that the more I create, the more ideas I have. I love all the new things I’m learning about art. It’s been such a fun process and it makes me feel more alive. What could top that?

It’s been such a fun process and it makes me feel more alive. What could top that? I guess being able to show off some of my favorite creations and meet local folks who are interested in art and our maker scene.

So … if you’re local … please pop by Saguaro Market, 657 West St. Mary Rd., May 4th to 7th. And if you’re not local, check out my Instagram feed to see all the Saguaro Market goodness.



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  1. Erin Tigner says:

    This is so fantastic! I wish I was local to check it out in person! I can’t espy to hear about it. Good luck!! 😘

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