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{Memory Keeping} Travel Journal 1

{Memory Keeping} Travel Journal

I working on putting together a travel journal from our trip to Europe (oh yeah, Mike and I went to Turkey and Spain a few weeks ago). Most of the memory keeping I do...

{Simple Scrapper} Good Times? Not! 0

{Simple Scrapper} Good Times? Not!

Hello. Long time, no blog. Been super busy.  Like really, really busy! I volunteered to be the Cookie Manager for my daughter’s Girl Scout troop. Holy cow. Who knew it would take up so...

{Simple Scrapper} Shelby and Her Quotes 0

{Simple Scrapper} Shelby and Her Quotes

Journaling reads: Shelby has suddenly become obsessed with Disney Princesses and all things Disney. She was never much of a “princess” sort of girl when she was little, but now she devours everything she...