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{Right Now} May 2016 Edition 1

{Right Now} May 2016 Edition

Enjoying full time motherhood at the moment. It’s amazing how quickly my time has been filled with mama-related tasks. I’ve become a fixture at the kids’ school and it’s been helpful to have a...

I don’t get it all done 1

I don’t get it all done

I posted the picture about on Facebook earlier this week with the caption: No. I don’t get it all done. I just manage to hide it well. P.S. There is another load to be...

{Health} Menopause at 40 … sucks 0

{Health} Menopause at 40 … sucks

I never really thought much about menopause. It always seemed to be so far away. Like eons away. Seriously. Like something really, really old women have to deal with. I sort of thought about...