A couple of weeks ago, my 10-year-old – Shelby – decided she wanted to redecorate her room. She was over the light pink of her “baby” years and wanted something more mature. As soon as she decided she wanted make the change, Shelby was hot to trot to get started. She wanted turquoise walls. She wanted new curtains. She wanted new bedding for her bunk beds. She was wanted to art. All I could think was, “Holy moly, this is going to be expensive.”

Home Decor Ideas Using Party Supplies | Kimberly Kalil Designs

But, I didn’t want to discourage her. I wanted her to exercise her creativity and have the room she wanted. It is her room after all and she should have some control over her own space, right? I just had to come up with a way to offset the cost of her grand ideas.

This whole process got me thinking: are there some ways I can save money and repurpose what I have? I have a craft closet that’s overflowing with all sorts of craft goodness, including a whole section of discarded party supplies. Here are a few ways you can incorporate common party supplies you’ll surely have on hand.

Home Decor Ideas Using Party Supplies | Kimberly Kalil Designs

Party Lights

I’m a sucker for party lights. Heck, I’m a sucker for anything that twinkles. Have you seen what people are doing with party lights? Search Pinterest for party lights. Be still my heart. It’s just amazing. I’ve bought many a strand of twinkling lights for a party and then tucked them away to be quickly forgotten. Instead of letting them gathering dust, string the lights to freshen up a space and add a little bit of sparkle.

Wrapping Paper Art

I’m almost embarrassed to admit this, but I have a wrapping paper addiction. I love buying wrapping paper. I’m pretty sure I have more wrapping paper than I could ever use in a lifetime. As I scoured the Web, I found so many fun ways to reimagine wrapping paper. You can use wrapping paper to make some pretty cool wall art. And if you’re feeling super adventurous, you can upcycle old furniture with wrapping paper and a tub of Mod Podge. Since we’re going to dramatically change the wall color of Shelby’s room, adding an extra piece of decor to highlight the color is a great idea.

Home Decor Ideas Using Party Supplies | Kimberly Kalil Designs


Adding a garland or bunting to your room might just be the easiest and cheapest (cheap isn’t a bad word). You can punch shapes out of paper party supplies like plates and cups. I like hearts, but you can use circle, stars or butterflies … whatever you have a punch for. Then sew the shapes together with you sewing machine and you have a quick and fun garland. In Shelby’s room, I have paper hearts strung from her curtain rods, as well as her bedposts.

Since pawing through all my party and crafting supplies my head is swimming with ideas on projects I can do for Shelby’s new room. Now, I just need some time to actually try them all out.


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Hello! Hello!

I feel a little frazzled at the moment. I hit the road this week for work … the first time in just over two months. I got my all clear from my doctor to travel + work again, so I’m back in the saddle. But being out of practice means I super tired and fumbling through the process.

Anyway … I have a quick layout to share. This is one I created for the Daily Digi using a template from Heather Joyce, which is included in July 2014 Digi Files.


Hello OK Cousins | The Daily Digi | Kimberly Kalil DesignsCredits

Journaling reads:

Our Oklahoma cousins came for a visit and we realized how much we missed them. The kiddos had a blast playing together and we wish they lived closer.


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I’m horrible at saying no. I say yes to a lot, way too much actually. Yesterday, I was listening to a podcast (Elise Blaha Cripe’s) all about saying no. I had an epiphany: one of my greatest parenting struggles stems from my inability to say no. I say yes to my kids even when I mean no. And then when I can’t follow through, they can’t wrap their head around what’s going on since I told them “yes,” but then I end up doing “no.”

I’ve decided to make it my mission to say no more. That might sound so negative, but I want my kids to believe and trust in what I say, so I need to say what I mean and feel from the get go. I’ve come up with three steps to help me get started on my “no” journey … maybe they can help you too.

1. Ease into it. This week trying adding at least one no to your day. Then maybe trying adding two the next day and work up to three. Spend a solid week or two saying no at least three times a day. Do you really want to watch that TV show? No? Then say no. Do you want to go to the park? No? Then say no.

2. When in doubt, say no. My friend Laurie told me when her daughter was little she always was quick to say no. She said no to almost everything. She explained that if she said no and then decided that a yes was more appropriate, it was much easier to change course from a no to a yes. I am the exact opposite. I say yes to everything, because I don’t want the conflict. But the truth is, there are about a zillions times that when I’m saying yes I know my answer should be no. When in doubt, say no. It sets the expectations and makes it easier to follow through later or change course as needed.

3. Trust your gut. Most of time I know – without a doubt – I want to say no, but I don’t have the courage to say it. If I’d trust my gut and go with my initial instinct, I’d be a more consistent and happy person and parent. Mike jokes about how even though I say yes, I really mean no. It’s been a pretty constant struggle in our house that I’ll say yes to something (Yes, let’s go to the zoo) and what I’m think in my head is, “No, I don’t have time for the zoo, I really need to go grocery shopping.” Still, I’ll say yes in the moment knowing I’ll have to back out later. I need to stop that.

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Summer 2014 | Kimberly Kalil DesignsSummer looks like a hike at the Grand Canyon.

Summer 2014 | Kimberly Kalil Designs

Summer looks lots of trips to the pool.

Summer 2014 | Kimberly Kalil Designs

Summer looks like fireworks with friends.

Summer 2014 | Kimberly Kalil DesignsSummer looks like tackling home projects like redecorating Shelby’s room (more to come on this).

Summer has been full and fun this year. Because of my surgeries in May, I’ve been home all summer, which hasn’t happened in years. Shelby went to two fun camps (Girl Scout camp and DJ camp) and Cooper has had a lot of mama time (so good since he starts kindergarten in August). We’re less than a month away from school starting again, so we’re trying to savor the last bits of summer. Yesterday we sat on the back porch while Mike grilled our dinner. The kids played with the hose and made a big, huge muddy mess. I had my favorite summer drink (hard cider). And we capped it off with a bike ride around our neighborhood. I love summer.

I head out next week for my first work trip in a little more than two months (yikes). The kids are going to sports/swim camp, which they’re super excited about.

What have you been up to? What does your summer look like?



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Hello. Good Monday to you. Summer is in full swing and I’m quickly amassing quite a large collection of #summer2014 photos. I’d love to say I’ve been great about documenting our summer activities, but aside from posting photos from Instagram I haven’t done much.

When I sat down to create some layouts a few weeks back, I knew I wanted to use some summer photos, since I’m totally loving this season and soaking up its goodness. I used a Premium Template from Simple Scrapper (July 2014 Collection) for this page, along with some super happy supplies from Paislee Press.

Sunny Days | Simple Scrapper | Kimberly Kalil DesignsCredits

Journaling reads:

We are summer people. There are lots of things that make me happy, but summer + sunshine are easily at the top of my list. Sitting on our back porch watching the kids play is such a treat and with the long days and the constant sunshine we have lots of opportunities to play outside. One of the major perks of living here in Arizona is that our summer weather last much longer than the rest of the world. It’s so awesome. I’ll take summer or snow any day.


The Premium Membership at Simple Scrapper provides skills and shortcuts to help you simplify and find more meaning in your memory keeping.

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Hello! Happy, happy Monday. I’m slowly easing back into “real” life, which means I’m trying to blog more regularly like I used to. Today I have a new layout share … one I created for Simple Scrapper. The layout is inspired by one of the July 2014 Story Starters and uses one of the July 2014 Premium Templates as well.

In all the years I’ve been scrapbooking, I haven’t scrapped much about my work. And since I’ve worked for CCI (7.5 years), I pretty sure I’ve never create a scrapbook page about all the travel I do to get to and from work. So it was interesting that one of the Story Starters for July prompted a story that is such a major part of my life, but not one I regularly document.

I looked through iPhoto and found tons of photos from my work trips. I picked a couple of my favorites and used those to represent all the travel I do.

My Crazy Commute | Simple Scrapper | Kimberly Kalil DesignsCredits

Journaling reads: For the last 7.5 years I’ve had what most people would consider the world’s craziest commute. I work from home part of the time. I have an office in Atlanta. I regularly visit our corporate HQs in Denmark. I travel to support customers all over the world. I take trains, planes and automobiles to get to work on any given week. It’s a good thing I like to travel, otherwise I’d be in serious trouble, right? Thank goodness for noise canceling headphones, an iPad, leggings, soft scarves, rich Danish hand cream + comfy boots … these make my commute bearable.


The Premium Membership at Simple Scrapper provides skills and shortcuts to help you simplify and find more meaning in your memory keeping.

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