Vegoose Music Festival

Last year, Las Vegas got it's very own music festival, Vegoose ( It's a two-fest filled with lots of music, dancing and food. As part of my job I cordinated the coverage of the festival and was there most of the weekend watching the shows and making sure all the reporters turned their copy in on time. I decided Shelby would love all the music and crazy people, so Mike and I took her with us both days.

On Saturday Shelby saw Cat Power,
The Raconteurs, a little of the Keller Williams Incident, The Mars Volta (she didn't like 'em) and Las Vegas's own The Killers. Shelby really enjoyed Cat Power and The Raconteurs ... and fell asleep three songs into The Killer's set. In defense of The Killers, it was 8:30 p.m. (her bedtime) and she had been running around all day, dancing her little heart out and enjoying all things Vegoose. No one, not even The Killers, can expect a two-year-old to keep her little eyes open after such an action packed day.

On Sunday Shelby woke up saying, "Are we going to Vegoose today?" We did and she was in the audience for Fiona Apple and Jenny Lewis (my favorite of the weekend). She liked the pizza and Mardi Gra beads more than watching shows on Sunday. And we had to call it a day early.

On Moday morning Shelby again asked if we were going to go back to Vegoose. She was so disappointed when I told her she'd have to wait another year for Vegoose to come back.