Calamity Jane (Or something like that)
Martha Jane Canary (1848-1903) was born in Princeton, Missouri. This hard drinking woman wore men's clothing, used their bawdy language, chewed tobacco and was handy with a gun. She traveled from Arizona through the Dakota territories during her rough life. At her death, the "White Devil of the Yellowstone" was remembered as a saint by the citizens of Deadwood, where she helped nurse the sick during a smallpox plague. She is buried near Wild Bill Hickock at Deadwood, South Dakota.

So she might be a whole lot sweeter than the infamous Calamity Jane, but Shelby was still one tough little cowgirl for Halloween 2006 -- complete with a felt hat and boots. When I asked her what her costume was she said she was "a cowboy, just like Papa." I'm sure her Papa John will be thrilled to see his little cowgirl. We walked around around neighborhood and filled up her trick-or-treating bucket. Mike and I tried to get her to share her candy wih us, but she said NO!

Shelby with the pumkin she carved earlier that evening (those pictures are to come).

Headed across the street to visit our neighbors Don and Vicki

Asking Vicki for some candy. This was the first house we stopped at, so Shelby's bucket was empty. Vicki and Don insisted she take some extra candy with her since her bucket looked so sad without any treats.

Shelby telling Vicki Happy Halloween and thank you ... and that she's a cowgirl and her Papa has four horses. She might have stayed there all night if we had let her!

Mike and Shelby walking down our street.

Shelby having a GREAT time!
Mommy and Shelby taking a photo break. I tried to get in the Halloween spirit with my very own cowgirl hat ...

Working the neighborhood. Shelby was so sweet and cute to everyone. I didn't even have to remind her to say thank you very often!

Shelby was a little worn out half through trick-or-treating, so she just sat down on the sidewalk for a minute. During her little "rest" she also inspected her candy, deciding what she'd eat first when she got home. She still wouldn't share with us!
Still resting!

When we did get home, Shelby was just as happy to hand out candyt to trick-or-treaters as she was to get candy. And before the night was over, she decided she could share some of her treats with us.