Jerry's Nugget

Over Thanksgiving weekend, we made a trip to Jerry's Nugget, one of those Las Vegas institutions that only locals know about. They have a restaurant with some of the best (and cheapest) prime rib and some of the yummiest desserts you've ever seen.

On this trip to Jerry's Nugget (it's in North Las Vegas, in what we'd call a not-so-nice-part of town), Shelby insisted on having a HUGE strawberry shortcake.

Since she had actually had her dinner before we went out (when you're two, you eat when you want to, not necessarily the same time as adults), we let her have the not-so-short shortcake.

A little messy, but worth every bit of mess.

"This is one good strawberry!"

Prime rib from Jerry's makes Kelly and Mike happy (and a little silly too).

"Big" Mike didn't get any strawberry shortcake ...