Gobble Gobble ....

A little late, but still great. Here are some snapshots from Thanksgiving Day. Mikey and Mama cooked their first turkey ever. And it turned out beautifully. With the amazing confection oven, it took us only 3 1/2 hours to cook our 20 lb. bird. My job was to entertain all the guest and keep Papa busy ... and I achieved both goals! I played hard, charmed all of our guest and fell asleep right when dinner was served. It's tough being me.

In all we had almost 20 people come over throughout the day and it was tons of fun. The first set of pictures we have to post are all about the turkey and making dinner.

casserole, a very rich corn casserole, stuffing, On the menu for the big day were such great things as a yummy sweet potato casserole,

asparagus, cranberry-pineapple Jello salad, stuffing, mashed potatoes ... and much, much more!