Long time ... No Blog!

We just got back from a long weekend in Idaho. Shelby and Mama braved the cold weather and enjoyed a relaxing weekend with Grandpa (Papa) John and Grandma (Mama) Shelley. The cold weather, excessive amounts of snow and bone-chilling wind didn't bother Shelby. She wanted to play outside, visit the cows, and tromp through the "spooky forest."

I got lots of great naps, and Shelby got lots of love and attention. At one point she declared she'd be staying in Idaho with her Papa and Mama forever!

Papa John giving Shelby a BIG snowball to throw at Mommy.

Thank goodness for mittens!

Making snow angels ... Mama Shelley had just shown Shelby how to do it.

Scooping up more snow to throw at Mommy, Papa and Mama Shelley.

This is serious business for a two-year-old!

Isn't she so cute with her rosey cheeks?

The view from near the "spooky forest," as Shelby started calling it. Also near Grandpa's creek.

Off in the distance, you can see Grandpa's house ...

Shelby trying to get her grandma with snow.

Taking a walk with Mama Shelley.