Shelby has discovered the word why. Overnight, she has gone from accepting the world at face value to question everything. A normal conversation with Shelby now goes something like this.

Mom: Shelby, time to get up.
Shelby: Why?
M: Because the sun is up and it time to get going.
S: Why?
M: Because it's time for you to have some breakfast.
S: Why?
M: Because you need to eat and then you need a bath.
S: Why?

And it goes on and on like this all day. The first few whys were cute. Now, well, they're not so cute! I find myself saying, "because I said so." Which surprisingly, satisfies her more than a long, drawn-out explanation.

She's just a little too smart for her own good! That's what I get for treating her like a grown-up for so long. Speaking of grown-up things — the other day Shelby said to Mike while we were driving, "Thanks for turning away from the sun. I appreciate it." Some very big words from such a little girl.