A little bit of Vegas in Tucson

Shelby Rose checking out Lilah Rose as Mama (Sherry) keeps a close eye on the duo :)

To say Mike and I have been homesick for Las Vegas would be an understatement. We've been missing all of our great friends, favorite restaurants and the general familiarity of home. But tonight we were reminded that Las Vegas isn't all that far away. Our dear friends, Henry and Sherry Brean of Las Vegas, were in town to visit Henry's mother Marty who happens to call Tucson home. Henry grew up here and visits often. Lucky, lucky us! So, we met up with the Brean family, including their sweet baby girl Lilah, for dinner at one of Tucson's amazing Mexican eateries (there are a ton of them, much to my pleasure).

Shelby was quite excited to see "Baby Lilah," as she calls her, though she didn't understand why Lilah hadn't brought her kitties with her. Lilah's kitties are one of the major reasons Shelby love enjoyed going to the Brean's house. Above is a picture of a very alert and adorable Lilah Rose.

And while the grownups visited, Shelby had to to do something to pass the time. Mommy's sunglasses and a spoon did the trick. And of course, constantly going to see Lilah, touching the baby's toes and giving her sweet, gentle kisses on the head. We're looking forward to the next Brean visit and can't wait to show them our new house. They'll be back in town in late July!