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There are many reasons I don't check my bag when I travel. Mostly it's because it takes too long to get my bag when I land and I'm way too impatient to wait. And when you travel a lot like I do, you get very tired of hanging out in airports. Another reason I don't check my bag is because I'm paranoid it will get lost. When I cam back from Denmark, my suitcase was lost. When I was pregnant with Shelby and traveling my suitcase was lost. Both times, my luggage eventually found its way home, but it was incredibly frustrating and made me regret checking my bag. The picture below is another reason I don't check my bags. Coming back from Atlanta, Mike and I decided to check out luggage, since the Tucson airport is so easy to get through (small) and you never have to wait long to claim your bags. When my beautiful, new red bag showed up in Tucson it was shredded. And US Airways tells me they don't cover damage like that! Ughh, this was the best bag ever and I have only had it for about a month. See if I ever check a bag again!