Where does she get this?

Shelby's latest obsession, and I'm not exaggerating when I say obsession, is matching. Every article of clothing, including her panties and shoes have to match. Exasperating this issue is Shelby hasn't quite figured out that things can be different colors and still match. If she has on a pink shirt, then she must wear pink shorts. And then, she will sort through all of her panties until she finds a pair of pink ones in a similar shade of pink. She won't wear hot pink panties with light pink shorts! Nope, those don't match she says.

When I bought her a new pair of shoes last weekend, she started to cry when I told her I didn't have matching blue shorts for her in my bag. Shelby begged me to buy her a pair of shorts in the same shade of blue, which I did, so she wouldn't have to go through the trauma of wearing her blue shoes with something not, umm, well blue!

I hope this is a short-lived phase!