Date Night

Mike and I try to have two official "date nights" each month. I plan one, he plans the other. With our move, travel, and our new jobs ... we've had trouble fitting them in as regularly as we'd like. But, now that we're getting settled, we hope to get back on track. And today we made good on that promise. With Shelby happily hanging out with Reba and "Big" Mike, we headed to Phoenix for a Arizona Diamondback's game versus the Boston (Red Sox).

It was a sold-out crowd and nearly everyone (except us) was cheering for Boston. But we still had a blast. And even though the Diamondbacks lost, we're still rooting for our Arizona team! We'll be back again for another game in July, since we bought a six pack of tickets. I'm looking forward to seeing the D'Backs playing my team, the Los Angeles Dodgers in September (once a California girl, always a California girl).

So I'm happy to say, date night has survived the move!