Better late than never

I forgot I had this pictures from our trip to Hollywood in July ... So here are some candid shots from dinner at Toi (a great Thai place in Hollywood) and a visit to Grauman's Chinese Theatre, which I've done a million times but it's still a lot of fun (And Melissa and her boyfriend Michael had never been there, so it was fine to see it all through "fresh eyes.")

Here's a little bit about Grauman's from Mann's Web site .... "It was once stated that 'to visit Los Angeles and not see the Chinese is like visiting China and not seeing the Great Wall.' Grauman’s opulent, awe-inspiring presence and history has been a cornerstone of Hollywood for over 75 years. The grand opening of Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on May 18, 1927, was the most spectacular theatre opening in motion picture history. Thousands of people lined Hollywood Boulevard and a riot broke out as fans tried to catch a glimpse of the movie stars and other celebrities as they arrived for the opening. The film being premiered that night was Cecil B. DeMille's “The King of Kings,” which was preceded by "Glories of the Scriptures," a live prologue devised by master showman Sid Grauman. A Wurlitzer organ and 65-piece orchestra provided music for the prologue. The theatre opened to the public the following day, May 19, 1927."

But all that fun Hollywood stuff aside, now that Hollywood and Highland is open ... my favorite part of this part of town is shopping at Sephora!