Sonic Youth and Los Angeles

Mike and I are taking a little trip this weekend. We're headed to LA to meet up with some of our Las Vegas friends (Melissa being one of them) and we're going to the Sonic Youth (Sonic Youth: A Special Performance of "Daydream Nation," plus special guest Redd Kross)
concert at the Greek Theatre.

Shelby has a special sleepover at Nana and Big Mike's house and is already packing some toys for the cross-town trip! she loves to hang out with her Nana and especially loves to spend the night at her house. It's a VERY special treat for her.

Mike and I are of course looking forward to the concert, but also to some beach time; good food; and Melissa's company. We haven't seen Melissa (and her boyfriend Michael) since we left Las Vegas, so this will be a fun reunion.
I just found out that it's going to be a full music weekend ... or as Mike is calling it "Mike's Music Weekend." So we're going to the Catalina Jazz Club on Saturday night to see Ravi Coltrane, the son of Mike's hero, JOHN COLTRANE.

According to Mike, "saxophonist Ravi Coltrane is irrevocably linked to the iconic figure of his father, John Coltrane, and his mother, the pianist and spiritual figure, Alice Coltrane. But, having paid his dues via early, and frequent, comparisons with his noble forbearers, he has thoroughly established himself, over the past few yeas, as one of the important jazz artists of his generation. Moving beyond his father's resolute focus upon pure, tenacious improvisation, Ravi Coltrane has developed a broader view, one which embraces everything from organized, collective music making to the recent foundation of his own recording company."

I'm also excited to be back in California, even if it's just for a few days. It's always nice to be in a place that's familiar and comfortable. Going home can do that for ya.