Crazy for Crab!

Shelby loves crab meat. Or Cab as she calls it. I've never been much of a seafood eater, but Mike loves it. And he's been slowly introducing it into our diets. Fr those of you who don't know me well, I grew up in a BIG family! We didn't eat a lot of seafood. I think maybe it was too expensive to feed six kids and our parents lobster or shrimp ... heck, going to McDonalds was outrageous when you had to feed 8 people. Anyway, Mike is one of two kids. And when he was growing up, he chowed down on crab, lobster, catfish ... you name it, he had it. Shelby is developing his love for food (she digs steak and prime rib specifically) and seafood ("More cab mama.") So last week we met Mike's parents for dinner at Red Lobster and Shelby went to town. They actually have a crab dinner of the kids' menu, so that's what she got. And she practically inhaled. Then she ate most of Nana's scallops and some shrimp. Expensive taste for such a little girl!