Shelbyism of the day

So Shelby has been potty trained for almost a year now. She started pretty early and mastered the whole thing quickly. But lately, she’s been having accidents. They say it’s pretty normal. Once kids master the potty, they stop focusing on it all the time and get busy mastering other things ... often forgetting to go to the bathroom.
Mike and I have done lots of reading on the whole issue and everyone says to just be patient and supportive. Well, we've instituted a reward system. If Shelby doesn't have an accident she gets little rewards. She gets to pick what she like to have and usually it’s a treat after dinner. So today after she was reminded that if she didn't go pee-pee in her pants she could have some ice cream after dinner, she said to me in a sweet little voice "And Mama, if you don’t go pee-pee in your pants today, you can have some ice cream too."