Our Very Own Book Club

So, Mike and I haven't made a lot of friends since we've moved to Tucson (so sad). We haven't even met our neighbors. There is the dude across the street, who works for Tucson Electric and Power, and he waves at us when we come home, but we don't know his name.

Anyway in light of our lack of social life, we decided to start our own book club, just the two of us. We went to Bookmans (they sell used books and such) and after about an hour of going back and forth, we selected two books. The inaugural book for our club will be, "The Great Fire," by Shirley Hazzard. Now, it's a race to see who can finish it first.

Also, in hopes of broadening our social horizons, I joined Tucson Mom's Club. I was even thinking about volunteering for a director's position, just so I could meet more people. It's hard moving to a new town, very hard!