The latest and greatest...

So, I think it's time for a break from all the Idaho pictures and give a general update. I do have a ton of great pictures left to share from Idaho, but I'll just save them for slow days!

Shelby and I are back in Tucson and I've had more time to work on the house. Thanks to Mike and his dad, we have most of our blinds up (yeah, privacy!) and lots of curtains have also been hung. Mike was busy while we were in Idaho planting an herb garden and a variety of hearty desert plants. I painted some hammered metal walling hangings that are now up in my office. And I started painting a canvas for Shelby's room. If that one turns out OK, I'm going to do one for the master bedroom as well.

Wednesday night was date night and party at Nana and Big Mike's (for Shelby). We went to dinner and rock show. Dinner was at Enoteca a yummy Italian place downtown. And even though I'm on a diet (yes, I am. And yes, it's torture) we managed to have a GREAT meal and didn't stuff ourselves.

After our meal, we walked around downtown a bit, it's still so new to us. There is some pretty cool public art all around the downtown area. And I found the big library, which I want to take Shelby to. Then we headed over to the Hotel Congress where the show was at. ("The Historic Hotel Congress, built in 1919, is a landmark in the heart of downtown Tucson. This classically renovated Tucson hotel recalls the Southwestern charm of yesterday. Within these walls live the history and intrigue of which legends are made." Check out the Web site, it's a pretty cool place. Tons of magazines around the country have featured it and it's quite the hipster hangout).

The show, St. Vincent, was pretty cool. She's very intense, a little odd and a superb guitar player. Mike and I discovered her last month when we were perusing CD at Hollywood's Amoeba Records. I thought her song titles were funny ("Jesus Saves, I Spend") and after listening to the album, we were both impressed. However, we didn't stay for the whole show ... we were just too tired. Are we getting old?

Finally, the last update is all about Shelby!! Now, I don't know if someone can really decide at three what they want to be when they grow up, but Shelb is pretty adamant she knows what she wants to do with the rest of her life. She says she's going to be a doctor. She's been telling everyone. Her teacher at preschool, Miss Nicole, was so impressed with her response she couldn't stop raving about how smart and sweet Shelby is. Nicole told me that all the other girls say they are going to me mommies or princesses, but no Shelby. If you ask her what kind of doctor she is going to be, she says she's going to take care of Papas. So all the grandpas of the world can relax, Shelby is going to take good care of them.