Family BBQ (Idaho Day Two)

All of our Idaho family dropped by Papa's house for a little BBQ today. We have 10 kids under the age of seven. To say it was a little chaotic would be an understatement. But those ten little cousins had a GREAT time running wild, swimming in the creek, riding in the Rhino and eating lots of junk food.

At one point Papa had ALL 10 kids in the Rhino and was driving them around his property. It's better than a ride at the fair! In the picture below you can see at least seven little faces, but all 10 are in there somewhere ...

There is the rest of the crew, sitting up front with Papa and Aunt Wendy.

Here's little Nickolas ... he's almost two and very busy. He keeps his mama on her toes. :)

The kids down at the creek ... trying to decide if they want to get in.

Griffin, Trevor and Sammy Jo strike a pose for the camera.

And here's another one, this time with Shelby in it, looking oh so pretty in her hula girl bikini.