Bad Day, Great Husband

I was having a bad day today. My diet is hard. Some times, I'd rather just eat a big bowl of ice cream and just forget it all! Who knew cutting sugar out of my diet would be so depressing. I'm not sure if it's the sugar that I'm having such a hard time with or the lack of regular Coke Zeros. I think I was chugging about 4 of them a day ... so maybe my foul mood is related to caffeine withdrawals and not sugar shakes. Whatever the reason, it's a bear. And I'm cranky.
Plus, moving has been hard. It's sort of lonely in Arizona without friends and I was feeling particularly sad today. I talked to Jennie three times and it sort of made it worse ... I wanted to see her, not just hear her voice. I called Mike at work and unloaded. He gave me pep talk and I felt a little better. When Shelby and I met him for dinner, he showed up with a bouquet of sunset-colored roses and sugar-free gum. What a pick-me-up. I sure do love my dear, sweet husband. How did I get so lucky?
I love you Mike!