And the party rolls on
(right down 6th Street)

After we left the capitol building, we headed back downtown to get a snack and regroup. We ended up in some bar that was showing the UT Austin game. Mike was thrilled to say the least. Texans take their football serious and it's quite an experience to watch a game surrounded by these folks. They're as entertaining as the game itself. So as we were sitting there, resting our feet, we decided to blow off ACL for the day. There wasn't a whole lot we wanted to see and the thought of fighting the crowds wasn't too appealing.

So Plan B came came into action. Mike found an even lively bar to watch the UT game with some rowdy frat boys and I went to a tattoo parlor to get my foot tattoo touched up. It's almost 10 years old and Mike jokes that it looks like a prison tattoo ... Matt (the Austin tattoo artist that ended up doing the touch-up work for me) said it looked like I got the tattoo when I was in the Navy. I spent a few hours waiting and then enduring some excruciating pain at the Black Cat Custom Tattoo parlor where both Billy Bob Thorton and Angelina Jolie have been inked. Mike made it back to BCCT in time to see the pain part and document it in photos.

Then it was tapas at Malagas. Yum, yum and another big yum. I love me some tapas. There is a tapas place in Vegas, Firefly, that is just about my favorite place to eat. And though Malagas can't compare to Firefly, it was quite tasty. And I even cheated a little (don't tell my doctor) and had a few bites of dessert. I could only do a few bites ... since I stopped eating sugar, everything seems so much sweeter. A bowl of strawberries are too sweet for me if that tells you anything!

While Mike was watching the UT game at Maggie Maes, he managed to get the bartender to tell him the ACL Secret Show planned for that evening would be The Decemberists. The show was supposed to start at midnight and Mike REALLY, REALLY wanted to go. So he devised a plan to keep me out and about long enough that we'd be near Maggie Maes when the show started and would have to go. And Mike managed to keep us busy and entertained at Buffalo Billiards. I learned to play shuffle board ... yup it was my first time and I kicked Mike's butt!