This sounds fun ...

I'm the only one awake at my house. Mike fell asleep early and Shelby has been snoozing for hours. So I find myself surfing the Web. And look what I found. Tucson is pretty hip if you ask me!


Putting the ‘P’ in Party Tucson’s hippest nightclub and longest running music venue is opening its doors and its dance floor to infants, babies, children and the parents who claim them. On October 14th, 2007 and every second Sunday of the month hereafter, Club Congress will transform into the most happening play date in town, Baby Club Congress. Though children’s museums, parks, and zoos are great for the kids, Baby Club Congress not only introduces babies & children to creative activity, it also allows for parents to bond with their children while befriending other grown-ups. By integrating child-friendly activity with an adult environment, parents are able to feel like adults while spending time with their children.

Baby Club Congress is the only place in Tucson where parents can boogie down with their child, bond with another mom or dad, & enjoy a refreshing cocktail all at once. The afternoon will be jam packed with festivities for both the kiddies and the folks to enjoy. Every inch of the club will be covered with child safe and friendly activities. With colorful parachutes hanging from the ceiling and Club Congress’ own DJs spinning hit songs from the 70s & 80s, the Disco Dance Floor will be full of moms, dads, and little ones.

Local boutiques put on a Family Fashion Show, presenting the latest trends for both the youngsters and parents alike. Kiddie Karaoke gives parents and children the chance to take the stage and become singing sensations while Battle of the Baby Bands let’s kids freely explore a collection of child-safe instruments. If anyone needs any inspiration, Baby Einstein and various dance videos will be in rotation on the big screen The padded Club Crawl will be covered with toys galore, making for the ideal space to let the mini-mes get their party on. Hula-hoops and twirly batons are available for those who are so inclined.

For the emerging artists, we have turned the floor of Baby Club Congress into a sidewalk chalk gallery; everyone is encouraged to create a masterpiece of their own, right on the floor! Healthy snacks and juice boxes are available at the Snack Shack; free of charge! This is mommy and daddy’s party too, hence the full bar offering Happy Hour appetizer specials & “Adult Bottles”. Hotel Congress is providing free non-alcoholic beverages to the designated drivers. All adult beverages will be out of child’s reach and Hotel Congress will provide a full staff, including security, to make this the most enjoyable, fun, and safe family event in Arizona. Make sure to enter the College Fund Raffle. If you win, the pot is yours! Stash it away for your budding genius’ future or take the family out to dinner. Do with it what you whatever you wish.

This unique event is the answer to parent’s wishes; social time with parental peers, adult conversation, a refreshing beverage, and an extravagant party that both they and their children will really enjoy. So grab your infant, baby, or child; a pair of dancing shoes and booties & meet us on Sunday, October 14th, at Baby Club Congress inside the historic Hotel Congress.