A Big shout out to the D'Backs
(a little late, but still great)

I've mentioned a couple of times we're really trying to embrace our new Arizona home and this can definitely be seen in our enthusiastic support of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Last weekend (Sept. 22-23) we took in not one, but two Diamondbacks' games from Chase field. They were playing the Los Angeles Dodgers (yes, I was torn. I thought about wearing Dodger blue, but forced myself to support my hometown team) and with the playoffs in reach it made for some exciting baseball. Thanks to some recent travels, we got a free hotel room in Phoenix and Shelby was bubbling with excitement about having a slumber party at the hotel. She jumped on the bead. Pressed her little face against the window to check out the pool. And floated in the tub until she looked like a prune!

At the game, Shelby loves to chow down on hot dogs ... she can put away more than one, sometimes up to three. And she loves cotton candy, but what kid doesn't? I think more than anything, she really likes all the excitement and energy. Saturday night's game was awesome. The D'Backs owned that game and played like rock stars. It was so much fun to watch, especially since the stadium was so alive and the team was playing with such confidence. After that, Sunday's game was a little bit of a disappointment. The D'Backs got creamed by the Dodgers and it didn't even seem like they tried. Not the same team we saw Saturday night. We left early and went to the Costco Home in Tempe, which is on the way home to Tucson, and bought some awesome bar stools. Our family room and kitchen area is complete!

Shelby taking a little rest on Daddy's lap during Saturday's game.

Shelb and Mama during a heated round of patty cake! Sometimes, the game just doesn't keep Shelby's attention. A little patty cake and she'll stay in her seat.

The snake ... at Sunday's game, Shelby really, really wanted one of those silly foam hands ("We're No. 1") and Daddy search all over the stadium for one. But they were all sold out. Instead, Shelb picked out this D'Back. And she got a kick out of making it slither all over Mama and hissing like a snake.

Daddy, Shelby and and "the snake" outside the ball park on Sunday afternoon. The snake has now taken up residence in Mom's car and Shelby plays with him while she's rides to school and such.

What a great and memorable weekend we had. Family time is quite precious to me. The memory of Shelby snoring softly in between Mommy and Daddy during our slumber party just warms my heart. She's such a sweet, happy girl. And she just makes life great. What a blessing my family is to me.