Mike drops a rare blog entry:

Shelby loves music, and she has impeccable taste... mostly because it nearly mirrors mine. Most of her favorite songs start out quiet and slow then build to a crashing crescendo.

She was stuck on "You! Me! Dancing!" by Los Campesinos for awhile. But right now, her favorite song (the one she asks for every time she's in the car with Daddy) has kind of a spooky theme befitting Halloween. It's called "Is There a Ghost" by Band of Horses, a great rock band from South Carolina (see pic below).

Shelby calls it "Sleep Ghost," apparently because those are the two words that pop up in the lyrics most often. You can watch the video here, which informs us that ghosts are not translucent spooks. They're pillow-pilfering Asian girls in need of a feather fix.
And another video Shelby likes to clap along to is here: