I'm so sad!

If you've been watching the news, then you know there's a whole lotta burnin' going on in Southern California. Fires all over the place, from San Diego to Northern Los Angeles County.
The street I grew up on, Bouquet Canyon Road, has been hit again ... and this time it makes me even sadder than fires from years past. Lombardi's Pumpkin Ranch was consumed by the fire. This is the pumpkin patch I went to as a kid and I have tons of fond memories of picking the perfect pumpkin with my brothers and sister when I was little. I even remember going on a field trip there as an elementary school student at Canyon Country's Mitchell Elementary School. We took a bus there and it was the highlight of the fall. I even took Shelby there her first Halloween, so she could experience Lombardi Ranch like I did.

Here's Shelby when she was 6 months old at Lombardi's, sitting in a sea of pumpkins. They had a train that would take you all around the patch. And there were all sorts of scarecrows along the way. Shelby crawled around the pumpkins and had a great time with Emma and Gracie. At least she got a chance to go to one of my favorite places in the world at least once.