Out of the mouths of babes ....

Mike likes to listen to music. He really, really loves music. Seldom there isn't some sort of music playing in our house or car, no matter where we are or what we're doing. Hence, Shelby loves music. Play some music and Shelby will follow the beat until she finds it and will watch, listen and dance her little heart out
When Mike's showering, he often turns on some music really loud and rocks out while he suds up. This morning, Mike had turned MTV on and that was his shower music. Shelby came into our bedroom and upon seeing Britney Spears on the TV, had this to say.
S: "Daddy, who's that?"
D: "That's Britney Spears Shelb."
S: "Daddy, I'm a good girl."
S: And with a frown on her face said, "She's a bad girl," pointing to Miss Spears.
S: "But I like her big socks." (referring to her fishnet stockings)
S: "And look, I have big socks on too." (pointing to her pink tights)