I got a sewing machine!

I've been wanting a sewing machine for a VERY long time now. I talk to Mike about it non-stop. He kept telling me to wait for my birthday, which is next month, and maybe I'd get one. I read all sorts of craft and sewing blogs and covet other peoples' sewing machines. I even went to Wal-mart this weekend and drooled all over the sewing machines there. Yesterday, I bought a really awesome book about sewing (see the picture if it, it just looks hip from the cover), and have been reading about all the cool things I could make ... if I had a machine.
But no sewing machine for me ... until I happened to mention to my in-laws over dinner last night how much I wanted one and bam!, now I have one! Little did I know, my mother-in-law had an almost brand new sewing machine sitting in a closet, collecting dust. It's now at my house, waiting to be used. My first project is going to be a scalloped baby blanket. Mike's old friend Amy Beth is expecting a little girl, set to arrive into this world next month, so I'm going to make her a blanket. And maybe I'll make some bibs too. I have all sorts of big plans. I'm off to the fabric store now, to get started!
Update: I've been to the store and I'm all set to sew. I have everything I need to make Baby Cav and Baby Elliott blankets. I hope they turn out cute!