Lucky us! Lucky us! Lucky us!

If having a wonderful Thanksgiving wasn't enough, we were blessed with a visit from some of our special Las Vegas friends, Corey and Joann Levitan. Corey's parents live in Chandler, so they were in Arizona for Thanksgiving. They drove down to Tucson to spend a night with us and check out our new digs. Since Corey and Joann are vegetarians, we had dinner at Sinbad's, a Mediterranean place near the university. After dinner, we played poker and just like in Las Vegas, Joann took all of our money.

We took Corey and Joann on a tour of Tucson, and then did some shopping at the University District, which is an interesting (very hippie-ish) area. Shelby fell asleep and took a little nap in a bookstore we stopped at. And Corey thought about applying for a job at the Happy Hippie store.